Living at 1869 Rue des Bassins #308 Apartment for Rent is Where the Heart is


Not all people are blessed with a home that is replete with serenity and inner peace in the midst of bustling city life. In Griffintown, there is an array of townhouses, condos and apartments where peace and jovial spirit are found. This borough is a mix of friendly neighborhoods rich with histories, where the industrial and working-class dominates around the famous Lachine Canal. The most sought-after apartment for rent can be found in 1869Rue des Bassins, particularly at 1869 Rue des Bassins #308 apartment for rent Montréal (Le Sud-Ouest), Quebec H3J0A3, where your heart is as this urban dwelling has a stunning view of the cityscape and equipped with amenities for your convenience at an affordable monthly rental of $1,800.

Why 1869 Rue des Bassins #308 Apartment for Rent is Ideal for Renters

Residing at 1869 Rue des Bassins #308 apartment for rent is the best decision that you will ever make in your life as this apartment is housed in a contemporary designed building with large windows that overlook the bustling metropolis, yet replete with a countryside feel with its breathtaking view of the beautiful Lachine Canal and the Saint Lawrence River. Here are some reasons why the condo located on the 3rd level is ideal for you:

  • It is a new building built in 2014.
  • It is a single family type property.
  • It is found in a friendly neighborhood of Griffintown
  • It is a one-bedroom apartment with garage parking.
  • The one and only large bathroom is made of black tiled flooring and walling with modern bathtub and white toilet, vanity and hanging cabinet for essentials. The dimension is 8.4 x 5.9
  • Modern kitchen with island, just perfect for your cooking vlogs. The dimension is 10.3 x 8.0
  • Spacious open-plan kitchen and living room/dining area for entertaining your guests. Dimension of living room is 9.3 x 10.5 and the dining area is 10.3 x 13.1
  • The bedroom has enough storage for your wardrobe with its dimension of 11.10 x 10.2.
  • A modern alarm system and elevator service operates 24/7.
  • Air exchanger and wall unit cooling systems are provided and so with electric heating.
  • Utility sewer is provided by the municipal sewage system and water by the municipal government.
  • A total of 51 parking spaces are available.

Other Important Things You Must Know about 1869 Rue des Bassins #308 Apartment for Rent

After coming up with a decision to stay at 1869 Rue des Bassins #308 apartment for rent, you must abide by the following requirements, such as:

  • Show proof of income
  • Show proof of employment
  • Must have a credit check
  • Pets and smoking are not allowed
  • Move in costs such as security deposit, elevator reservation, etc. will be shouldered by the lessee.
  • Transfer of monthly rent on the first day of every month through an electronic system shall be made by the lessee.
  • The lessee must have liability insurance and must submit a copy of the policy number before moving in.
  • A one month rent should be paid before signing of the lease agreement as a form of security deposit.
  • Compensation involves a 12-month term and prorating is not allowed in case the lease term exceeds 12 months.

If you choose to live at this apartment, you can save much time in commuting to your workplace or driving your kids to school with its proximity to parks, nightlife, restaurants, shopping, daycares, cafes, and it is pedestrian, cycling and transit friendly. For more information, call us today!