Quartier Général: A Place You Can Call a Home


Condo hunting is never a problem in Griffintown if you are meticulous, in the like that there’s a place that fulfill your dreams. Quartier Général offers solutions to your urban dwelling, where you can relax knowing that your chosen abode provides a convenient and secured place. This condo is located at the corner of William and Richmond streets, a stone’s throw away from the famous Lachine Canal and Notre Dame Street West. It is a few steps away from the Atwater Market, restaurants, bars, cultural spots, fashion boutiques, cafes, art galleries, the Corona Theater, and many more. This welcoming condo is a project of the Prével Le Groupe, a reliable real estate developer in Montreal, whose expertise spans four decades. Residents of Quartier Général are happy to find this place they call a home, with its strategic location, sandwiched by a pedestrian lane that leads you to a verdant alley dotted by shops, and services, with a mindset of cultivating a convivial atmosphere while socializing in the friendly neighborhood.

Enjoy a Happy Life at the Quartier Général

Whether you are newly married or have a large family, life at Quartier Général is described as laidback with its greeneries around, yet replete with amenities that will make your stay truly satisfying. This eight-story condo project is a conglomeration of two phases, both a representation of its previous industrial history with its red bricks that are designed to harmonize its modern refurbished interiors and its verdant surroundings. The designers of Prével made sure that its interiors and exteriors blend in to produce a healthy abode with its welcoming spirit.

Here’s what to expect at Quartier Général:

  • It is a lively project-It brings you to places with its pedestrian walkway, and a green alley dotted with terraces and shops for your shopping convenience.
  • It has common areas-You can while away, work, relax or hobnob with fellow condo dwellers at the furnished lobby, rooftop terraces with a pool and lounge area, or at the sports center with indoor pool.
  • Interiors that mirror each dweller’s taste-Whatever is your personal taste, you can choose the wide range of finishing selections to suit your aesthetic taste. Choose among four bathrooms and five kitchen decors to live in style as well as quartz countertops, cabinet colors & finishes, ceramic tiles, medicine cabinets with mirror & shelves, vanity with storages of your chosen finishes & colors.
  • Two buildings are connected with a welcoming lobby, so that the moment you enter is always filled with warmth and friendly spirit.

Choosing Your Living Space at Quartier Général

Aside from its ideal location in the metropolis, a friendly neighborhood, and a tranquil ambiance, you have a lot of living space options at the Quartier Général, whether you are looking for a studio unit, a one, two or three-bedroom unit, each has its functional layouts. Here they are:

  • Brightly lit living spaces-The functional layouts of more than 60 unit models are aimed at maximizing the spaces and letting the natural light enters the condo.
  • Nine-foot ceilings-This allows the natural flow of air in every nook and cranny of your condo, which makes your living space cool even during summer.
  • Large windows-It offers a beautiful vista of the city and save electricity by letting the natural light in during daytime.
  • Heating system with digital thermometer for cold season.
  • Air conditioning system for warmer days.

At the Quartier Général, you will discover a lot of things that will make your stay a lifetime choice. For additional inquiries, call us today!