Wellington sur le Bassin project is the only water feature project in Griffintown located in front of the canal’s inner harbor and close to the park. Here is a piece of pure land in the hustle and bustle of the city and an oasis in the reinforced concrete. Wellington sur le Bassin project was built on Wellington Avenue, the main street of Griffintown. Thanks to its superior location and vibrant community, it contains its historical heritage and charm.

In addition to the inner harbor and the canal, the bike path also winds to your home. Not to mention the new municipal park at the heart of the development. To experience the city scenery, Griffintown is famous for its many fashionable boutiques and restaurants. All your main destinations are within a few steps!

Wellington sur le Bassin An iconic project

Wellington sur le Bassin Project is located at the intersection of de la Montagne and Wellington Avenue. Its strategic location is close to the PEEL Inner Harbor and the banks of the Lachine Canal. Its waterways and bicycle paths are lined with trees, creating a unique and extraordinary environment.

This project perfectly balances the city and nature, and is elegantly located at the entrance of Smith Promenade. As the green space unfolds in the context of the urban landscape, the landscape adjacent to the park strengthens this precious balance.

This luxurious living environment is designed to provide you with a unique and elegant atmosphere, and bring complete satisfaction to you with a discerning eye.

Noble and unique building Wellington sur le Bassin Experience the iconic architecture of Griffintown

Wellington sur le Bassin embodies the originality of design. Its magnificence comes from its angular contours, which is unique in Montreal, surrounded by neighborhoods and urban backgrounds full of rich history.

In the green nature, Wellington on the water is like a polygonal prism reflecting the spectacular panorama of the city
And perfect natural light.

This shining iconic building shows a series of boutique apartments and penthouse luxury apartments, and contains a leisurely and elegant lifestyle.

This architectural structure evokes the delicate and complex peculiarities most cherished by experienced customers.

Public Space in Wellington sur le Bassin

Wellington sur le Bassin provides you with more than 10,000 square feet of exquisite public areas, designed to satisfy you with unique vision. It depicts the perfect balance between city and nature brought about by understated elegance and subtle luxury. The entrance hall is closely connected with the surrounding natural environment through a verdant park and a terrace dedicated to residents.

Recharge your physical fitness in the fully equipped training center, complete your training with bicycle lanes and outdoor tracks, and break your double limits indoors and outdoors.

On the roof, you will find a completely different atmosphere. Let yourself be enchanted by the outdoor swimming pool, indulge in the panoramic views of the city centre, and enjoy the four seasons of sunshine in the relaxing areas on the beautiful terraces and urban cottages.

Collection of boutique apartments and penthouses in Urban nature

Gaze at the panoramic views of Peel’s Inner Harbor and Lachine Canal, or enjoy the sunset on the mountain. Create your own lifestyle, where natural elegance and urban sophistication are perfectly blended.

The high-quality interior decoration combines smooth lines, glitter and modern design. Elegance and refinement are shown in every detail and gathered in the panoramic view of the city.

Your ARTOPEX workspace

Artopex, a Quebec-based furniture company, has developed 3 remote workspaces specifically for Devimco. Therefore, as the first batch of customers to enjoy this facility, this newly created workspace will bring you a pleasant experience that has never been seen before in home office work!

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