Apartment for Sale in Verdun: A Place You Call Your Own


Apartment hunting in Verdun, Montreal is within your reach, but if you are searching for an apartment for sale is a different story as more people are competing each other to purchase their permanent home at a low price.  While in Verdun, it is time to make an ocular inspection of Apartment for sale Verdun or aptly known as 4400 boul. Champlain, app.114, Verdun, h4g 1a9. This apartment is up for sale at $498,000 with its sought-after two bedrooms and two-bathroom condo found on two floors. Its developer called this apartment unique as it has its own large patio and private entrance, which makes your stay secured and comfortable. Staying at this apartment means enjoying its amenities, such as sauna, pool table, common area pool and library.

Finding an Idyllic Location in Montreal for an Apartment for Sale in Verdun

People who choose to live in Verdun would love to recommend the place to residents as the borough is replete with a countryside feel with its location along the St. Lawrence River. The borough in the city of Montreal is perfect for retirees, single dwellers, and professionals who love nature with its greeneries around. The apartment for sale in Verdun was built in 1955 with a total of seven rooms including its 1,258 square feet living area, built-in garage and a common indoor pool. The apartment is near the following areas:

  • Highway
  • Daycare center
  • Metro
  • Park
  • Bicycle path
  • Elementary school
  • High school
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Public transportation

Luxurious Living at Apartment for Sale in Verdun at Affordable Price

This apartment for sale in Verdun is not at all expensive despite its luxurious amenities and features that are provided to its future owner.  The first floor houses the hall, bathroom and bedroom which have an area of 6’1″ X 5’7″, 5’7″ X 10’8″ and 17’1″ X 11’8″ respectively. The bedroom flooring is made of wood while the hall and bathroom are both made of ceramic. The second level of the apartment houses the kitchen with ceramic flooring and dimensions of 10’3″ X 8’9″. The living room is made of wood flooring and has dimensions of 16’6″ X 24’5″; the master bedroom has dimensions of 11’5″ X 14’1″ and wooden flooring. The ceramic-tiled bathroom has a size of 8′ X 8′. The apartment is supplied with electricity, electric baseboard units, equipment and services, such as elevator, wall-mounted air conditioning units, alarm system, intercom, elevator, and mobility impaired accessible. The water and sewage systems are both supplied by the municipality.  Also included in the package are fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer and hot water tank. Microwave is not included in the package.

Taking Advantage of Apartment for Sale in Verdun

Aside from its proximity to the downtown area of Montreal and its verdant surroundings, living in an apartment for sale in Verdun is dream come true for people who want to live permanently in their own home without having to pay its monthly rental forever. Buying an apartment for sale is a rare opportunity that you will forever be thankful.

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