Brickfields is located in the heart of Griffintown and was designed with the intent to mimic its neighborhood with one foot in the past and an eye to the future. In honor of Griffintown’s rich heritage, the building respects the neighborhood’s past by moving Keegan House and making it an integral part of the building’s iconic features.
Brickfields is a small tower with commercial space, offices, and residential units in individual areas with their own private entrance. Brickfields celebrates the past while looking to the future by providing both residents and entrepreneurs alike a unique and bold space that inspires creativity.

The atmosphere

The common areas at Brickfields condos were created for the overall wellbeing of our residents. They are multi-purpose spaces that encourage calmness and serenity. Want to relax? Make your way to the ground floor with a good book or a few friends in the English-style garden or to the roof for some star-gazing and a breathtaking view. Finally, head up to the roof-top garden that overlooks the city and enjoy some fresh local produce all summer long.

The view

Residential units start on the sixth floor. They offer incredible spaces that make for a comfortable home atmosphere within an incredible backdrop. From the warmth of your very own fireplace, you can admire the stunning urban skyline as the seasons change.

The architecture

Brickfields condos timeless and elegant architecture stands out immediately due to the finest of details. It was designed with the intent to mimic its neighborhood and is a perfect balance of past and future, innovation and tradition. A prime example of this balance is its large modern windows and its centennial house, Keegan House. Griffintown’s past heritage and contemporary creativity are a perfect marriage that create a symbol of dynamic character.

A focus on wellbeing

Griffintown is constantly reinventing itself and now stands as one of Montreal’s most exciting up-and-coming neighbourhoods. The nearby Atwater Market hosts farmers’ market, specialty shops, and fine dining. Griffintown is bustling with a variety of on-trend boutiques featuring both local and international products. If you are looking to live the ultimate urban experience, Griffintown definitely fits the bill. A neighborhood full of life with a pulsating community.