Arbora Condos is an eight-storey condominium building that nestled near the Lachine Canal in Griffintown. It is unique in the sense that it is built in solid wood frame called, CLT from Quebec to make it an eco-friendly project. It is a two-minute walk to Notre Dame Street and ten-minute walk to the downtown area, shops, restaurants and galleries.

The LSR GesDev is the people behind this high-quality Griffintown condos for sale and the professionals from Sotramont is commissioned to build a solid building to be at par with industry standards. Their concerted efforts are paid off for coming up with the most innovative condo projects in Quebec.

There are 168 condo units with one to three bedrooms depending on the floor area from 406 square feet to 1,715 square feet. Occupants can view the city in their private terrace. An inner courtyard, outdoor pool, gym, multipurpose rooms, and indoor parking are some of the features of the project.

Arbora Condos Architecture and Design

Wood interiors, high ceilings, exposed posts and beams are visible in Arbora condos that make it more attractive and natural. Condo living in Griffintown can lessen fatigue and stress as it offers a cool atmosphere due to its wood and 70 percent locally made materials. Dub as the green project, Arbora condos have a heated outdoor pool, conversation areas and art station that are designed to make the neighborhood close to your heart.

Arbora Condos Sustainable Development

Want fresh air? Arbora condos are an urban forest as it has 40% green spaces located on the ground floor. It has a high quality, energy sufficiency that makes the building sunny and cool. The inner courtyard is lush with greenery that offers a breezy feeling to the occupants. An eco-system friendly condo is what ARBORA’s definition.

Arbora Condos Landscaping

Arbora Griffintown condos for sale are an ideal place for health-conscious individuals as it is built with nature around it. The urban forest ambiance and the use of solid wood panels soothe your stressed body. The interiors are inviting that is in harmony with nature while the bike path is a good venue for physical activities for your friendly Arbora neighborhood.