Lowney Phase 3 is another successful project developed by Prével to revive the life of an industrial building. After its full swing since its completion in 2008, property buyers moved in to start a new life on this modern construction located at 400 Rue de l’Inspecteur, Montréal, QC H3C 2K5 in Canada. Since then, more residents showed their interest in buying properties near Lowney condo. Perhaps, they seem to love the blend of an old edifice with exposed bricks and wood beams and ultra-modern comfort that is seldom seen in a condominium structure.

Lowney Phase 3 Features to Watch Out for

Until these days Lowney Phase 3 remains as one of Montreal’s awesome architectural achievements. Thanks to its developer Prével, who in one way or another make use of what was left from the old industrial structure in this side of Griffintown. With its brilliant team of designers and architects, the firm is able to provide the best features and amenities for its residents. In a nutshell, here they are:

  • A blend of modern structure with concrete ceilings, and preserved industrial look.
  • Offers a spectacular view from its rooftop terrace and wide windows.
  • Two BBQs, a hot bath, a modern gym, a stylish campfire and a luxurious pool.
  • It has 78 units that are spread on its eight floors, with sizes ranging from 371 square feet to 1,098 square feet.
  • An exercise pool, spa and sauna bath, and exercise room for sports buffs.
  • Bike storage after touring around the friendly neighborhood.
  • A steam room to relax your tensed muscle.

Lowney Phase 3: Beyond Tranquility in the Metropolis

Serenity and joviality cannot go together, but living in Lowney Phase 3 proves this wrong. It is because, at Lowney, residents can find true peace, while having a good time at Montreal’s entertainment venues which are walking distance from the condo. The peaceful environs of Lowney make it a good residential area replete with the amenities and services from nearby stores, shops, government center, schools and public market. Finding your home at Lowney’s, is a realization of your dream, where there is peace in a big city like Montreal.

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