Carré de la Montagne: An Emerging High-Rise Condo Development

Searching for a place to stay in Montreal is never a problem. High-rise residential buildings are sprouting everywhere as the demands for urban homes keep increasing. Maître Carré is a real estate company that continues to build condo buildings in the heart of Montreal. Since its inception in 2009, it has erected more than 500 condos. This is in line with its mission to develop residential buildings that are in harmony with nature, but not away from the metropolis, so that residents can enjoy a healthy community with all the services enjoyed in an urban center. Carré de la Montagne is among these condos that speak of the intelligent and contemporary edifices in this part of Quebec.

Why Stay at Carré de la Montagne

Carré de la Montagne is an ideal place to stay with your loved ones. Aside from its idyllic location, it is near the famous Lachine Canal, which is a stone’s throw away from the economic hub and the Old Montreal area. Living here is an opportunity that you should not miss out because of the following:

It offers an urban chalet and 148 condo units that are scattered on its eight stories.
Rooftop pool with lush gardens that overlook the cityscape.
It provides residents with indoor parking and lounge area.
Condos are brightly lit with its floor-to-ceiling windows.
It gives residents a pleasant urban living.
It has an imposing façade that faces the Sainte-Anne Park and extends to the base of the building.
It offers a panoramic view from the rooftop and condo windows.
It is a walking distance to different services, shops, schools, church, health facilities, and government offices.
Twenty-four hour security.

Carré de la Montagne: The Place Where You Want to be

The architectural design of Carré de la Montagne is a fusion of contemporary with its concrete and red brick walls, and industrial ambiance, which was left of its century old buildings in the former Irish neighborhood. The square of the mountain as what the locals say is surrounded with trees and well-manicured lawns, where you can enjoy a daily walk in the friendly neighborhood of Griffintown.

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