The 5-6-7 Lowney: A Perfect Place to Spend for a Lifetime

Are you tired of moving from one place to another? At 5-6-7 Lowney, this scenario will not happen anymore, since everything you need for an urban living is all there. The building where the condo is housed is a walking distance to different business establishments, park, public market, schools, and medical facilities so you do not need to wake up early to catch the bus. Life is not fast paced when living at Lowney despite its nearness to the metropolis. Retirees and families prefer to reside here as the ten-storey condo building is surrounded with lush greeneries and the air you breathe is fresh.

Looking Forward to 5-6-7 Lowney’s Top Benefits

Condo buyers prefer to live at 5-6-7 Lowney because everything is accessible with just a flick of your fingers. You do not have to rush when you run out of supplies, stores abound in the area, and you can jog around feeling safe.
Here are the top benefits that you will always look forward at Lowney:

  • Spectacular view from different angles directly from the gorgeous terrace.
  • An urban chalet with free Wi-Fi use, a lounge space, pool table and cinema room.
  • An in ground heat pool and spa, a dining area with a BBQ, deck chairs and tables on the two-level rooftop.
  • A vast gym on the ground floor with exercise equipment of your choice.
  • An interior pool and dry sauna for relaxation.
  • A wide reception area for events and celebrations.
  • A lounge area and common areas for meet ups.
  • Condo units with a view to watch the beautiful skyline of Montreal.

Finding the Ideal Home at 5-6-7 Lowney

Choosing to live at 5-6-7 Lowney will always be cherished for a lifetime. The ten-storey condo development built in 2010 houses 344 luxury condo units located at 950 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC H3C 0K3 in Canada. You can pick a unit with a size of 350 square feet or 1,072 square feet with one to 2 bedrooms respectively. While there are still vacant units to choose from, it is time to book an appointment with one of our brokers.
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