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Twenty-Eight Macallan Bottle Collections Disposed by Son to Purchase First Home

Although there was a sentimental value attached to each bottle of Macallan single malt bottle, Matthew Robson of Taunton decided to dispose the 28 birthday whiskeys given by his father in order to buy his first home. It was a hard decision for 28-year-old Matthew to let go of his father’s birthday presents as his desire to buy a home is his ultimate goal. Pete Robson never misses to give his son Matthew a bottle of this sought-after whisky for collectors during his birthdays since he turned one year old.

Bottle Collection is Now Put on Sale

Collectors of Macallan single malt could be fascinated at the sight of this awesome collection of 28 bottles, beginning in the year 1992, the birth year of Matthew, who over the course of his young life has accumulated them without attempting to open them as instructed by his father Pete who had shelled out £5,000 on the 28 bottles. There’s no regret as Macallan is known for its high quality malt and the prices for the bottles continue to soar as the year turns new. Based on its current price, the collection in the hands of Matthew is worth over £40,000 and now is put on sale.

Macallan Bottle Collections are now a Nest Egg

Who would have thought that those 28 whisky bottles are getting expensive and buying them is a sort of investment. Matthew thought that the bottles for him are not the best gift for someone so young to not even drink them and now they transformed into a nest egg. Thanks goodness, even if he became an adult, not a single bottle was opened.

Matthew said that the bottles are all intact as he never attempted to drink the whisky as per bottle is accompanied with stricter instructions never to open them. Pete, who hails from Milnathort, Scotland, said that he bought the first bottle of Macallan 1974 whisky to wet Matthew’s head. Since then, he thought it was interesting to give his son for his birthdays to end up with eighteen bottles of 18-year-old whisky when he turns 18. Pete clarified that the whiskeys are not the only gift he and his wife gave to their son, since the whiskey bottles are meant to be a unique, a bit of luck and a yearly tradition.

Macallan: A Precious Collectors’ Item

Mark Littler, a whisky broker described the collection as a perfect set and it commands a high price reaching up to £40,000, which could be enough for Matthew to pay for a house deposit.

Here’s the reason why the Macallan collections can be sold at a high value:

  • As a collectible item, the price of each Macallan bottle continues to rise for the last five to ten years.
  • The twenty-eight bottles are considered a wide collection, which is a genuine selling point.
  • The whisky becomes a vintage for decades.

The possibility of disposing it, according to Littler could be possible in the near future as buyers in Asia and New York are showing their interest.