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Apartments to rent in Montreal

A breathtaking view of the metropolis is one of the attractions when looking for a rental property in Montreal. Would you believe that there are 13 Montreal apartments that boast of their spectacular outdoor spaces? We have done so much research where to find these apartments in the metropolis with private balconies and rooftops where you can view the sceneries and the cityscape.

Apartments with $1,700 to $1,900 Monthly Rental

If you can afford a budget ranging from $1,700 to $1,900 for a monthly rental, you have lots of choices, such as the following:

  • Two-bedroom Fully Renovated Apartment on Papineau Avenue. It offers a spectacular view of the city skyline from its communal area and your own small private space and it will cost you a rental fee of $1,800 per month.

Apartments to rent in Montreal 02

  • An Apartment with a Large Balcony Overlooking a Garden. The rental fee is $1,900 per month for this big unit on rue de Mentana where you can enjoy the spectacular sights from the balcony with a barbeque.

Thirteen Apartments to rent in Montreal with Stunning Outdoor Spaces 03

  • An Apartment with a Massive balcony. This apartment in the heart of the plateau can be rented at $1,800 a month that offers a huge area for barbecue parties and views of the city.


  • Rooftop Views from a Fully Renovated Griffintown Apartment. From the shared rooftop of this lovely apartment with a monthly rental of $1,700 per month, you can see the skyscrapers and the canopy of trees from the rooftop.


  • One-Bedroom Apartment with Stunning Balcony near Mont-Royal. This apartment in the Plateau with a rental fee of $1,890 per month offers a view of the city skyline from your own balcony.


  • Two-bedroom Apartment with Shared Rooftop and Private Balcony. This unit with a gym and indoor sauna on Rachel offers a scenic view of the mountains and the verdant greenery nearby. The monthly rental fee is $1,775.


  • One-Bedroom Loft in Little Italy. This move-in ready loft on Saint Laurent will cost you $1,700 monthly rental, as it offers you a magnificent view of the beautiful boulevards from your private balcony or from the rooftop.


Apartments at $1,500 to $1,600 Monthly Rental

Take a look at the apartments in Montreal with a monthly rental of $1,500 to $1,600.

  • Stunning view from the balcony in The McGill Ghetto. With a rental fee of $1,500 per month, you get to enjoy the magnificent view from your private balcony, and its proximity to services is a bonus.


  • A view from the hotel-like rooftop pool. With a monthly rental fee of $1,600 you will enjoy your stay with its gym and top notch rooftop pool.


  • Watch the city skyline from a balcony in Quartier Des Spectacles. This apartment offers you stunning views of Montreal with a monthly rental of $1,500.


Low Budget Rental Apartment with Breathtaking Views

Here are some apartments with a monthly rate of $1,100 to $1,300 a month:

  • Rental Apartment with a Rooftop Pool. This unit offers you city views and swim in the pool in a concrete paradise. Rental fee is at  $1,355 per month


  • Breathtaking View from the Paradise in Old Montreal. With a monthly rental of $1,390, this studio apartment on rue Wellington offers a good view of the cityscape from the rooftop with a barbecue.