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Griffintown Will Be a Great Place for Home Buyers

This statement comes from noted Montreal fashion guru Denis Gagnon. Dubbed by colleagues as a cultural hero, Gagnon cannot contain his excitement while moving his fashion business to the Arsenal after spending years in Old Montreal. Once transferred, it will be easy for him to manage the boutique as it is nearby his condo. He loves his home where the space is good enough for him; however, they are too small for families, like Arsenal director Jean-Francois Bélisle who is married with a baby. It can be observed that most of the Griffintown condos for sale are small with a median size of 856 square feet and small size of 300 square feet. Bélisle has noticed that there are a few schools and parks and there are no sidewalks in the streets, which can be difficult for her wife to roll the stroller for their baby. Despite all their problems, Griffintown is seen by Gagnon as a great place in two years.

Diversity and Art in Griffintown

Although gentrification is uncommon in Griffintown, the rental keeps on increasing. Art connoisseurs are moving to nearby neighborhoods, with an exception of a few who are happy with the fees at Arsenal, which is considered a landmark in the district. As a diversified neighborhood, the changes are noticeable, such as additional parks and fine restaurants. Hopefully, issues in the city will be resolved like light penetration, street congestion, sidewalk and lack of services now that the city has allocated $141 million for infrastructure projects.

Positive Outlook in the Coming Years

Despite the missing opportunities in the district, residents hope for better services and much improved Griffintown condos. Dreaming of purchasing a second home to pay off a mortgage will be a thing of the past. Its accessibility to the La Chine Canal and the sprawling area are attracting developers to build affordable yet classy condos for sale. The old buildings will be transformed into modern homes. Band- aid solution for errors in urban planning will be gone forever.