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Condo Development Brings Optimism in Griffintown

Everyone in Griffintown believes that the former industrial zone will become a real estate hub in Montreal. Sales pitches of 20 projects describing the condos are enticing. Condo buyers could not wait to move in to their new homes. Condo developers are pitting each other in terms of building new condominiums and renovating heritage buildings in preparation for the influx of new residents. The optimism comes on the heel of previous errors in urban planning where important things were not considered by former officials of the city like traffic, street congestion, zoning and sidewalk.

Griffintown’s Infrastructure Should be In Sync with Urban Development

Developers and business owners feel the need to improve the infrastructure to encourage developers to build more Griffintown condos and attract buyers. There are only 131 condos that are completed in the district and near the La Chine Canal. This was revealed by real estate research firm Altus Group. In a separate report by the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation, it says that unoccupied and unsold completed condos are at three percent average rate from 2011 until 2014. Jonathan Sigler, a developer, has sold renovated condos for sale which he believes is only the beginning of success. Of late, he has delivered 1,300 units. Sigler added that infrastructure should be improved and there is nothing wrong with demolition as it paves the way for building sites. He has also teamed up with Rachel Julien for a series of condo buildings and plans to build condos in the future.

Integration of Old Structures and Modern Buildings in Griffintown

Hugo Girard-Beauchamp is another developer who integrates old buildings into the district to remind people of the rich history of Montreal. He has saved a heritage building and transformed into gorgeous Griffintown condos for sale. He is enthusiastic about the good future that awaits the district as anomalies in the urban planning are corrected with addition of parks and services to cater to the growing needs of condo occupants. Developer Mathieu Jobin has observed the revitalization of the neighborhood, and with services around, buyers will come and stay for good.